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Los Angeles by Color


Color (black, green, orange, pink, etc.) was used as the catalyst to explore spaces in Los Angeles on foot that beckon, but are blurred between 25-60 mph, are not on a daily routine, or necessary path. A series of intentional urban explorations conducted from 2016-2019 in LA examined over 100 urban spaces that range from the unusual to renowned, in functional typology, historical periods, and spans LA’s boundaries. Routes explored unfamiliar stretches. Los Angeles by Color’s 16 resulting color ribbons and companion maps (AWAF 2020 Mid-Career Fellowship) weave together parts of the city that will never physically be connected, but exist as a spatial embodiment of knowledge and identity about LA. Each ribbon unfolds its own story. When viewed collectively, the recoding and remixing represents a new spatial understanding that reinforces the history of LA’s urban environment.