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On The Wall

2021 Runner-Up


On the Wall

Black Faces in Architecture Spaces: Is a trifecta of images that explores three iconic architecture spaces with black faces as the subjects. The pieces aim to create a conversation about the lack of underrepresented faces across architecture – the faces of people that traditionally exist in these spaces often lack the diversity of the global majority.

On the Wall – 2021 Runner-up

Black Faces in Architecture

Poché Design Studio

Poché Design Studio was founded by Tobi and Morgan, two friends who met in grad school while earning their Master of Architecture degrees at the University of Southern California. They experienced the severe underrepresentation of black faces in the design space but did not allow their frustration to simply be that. Poché exists to occupy and amplify the Black space in Design. As a design studio, Poché creates visually impactful designs while filling the gap and taking up space confidently.

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