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We Are Here: Imagining Space in the 21st Century


In today’s shifting landscape, where the familiar structures of regions, territories, cities, and neighborhoods are continually redefined, representations of space are themselves undergoing a significant evolution. Driven by our access to vast amounts of data, advancements in scanning technologies, and an intensified sense of global interconnectedness, these practices are crafting new forms of visual expression. They challenge and broaden our conventional understanding of place, while transforming complex data into compelling visual narratives. The works featured in this exhibition are at the heart of this shift, capturing and communicating the intricate tapestry of contemporary life through a reinvented visual media.

We Are Here features contemporary artists, designers, architects and data analysts whose work is addressing an age of unprecedented interconnectivity. These works are examples of how we find our place within the intricate tapestry of contemporary life today – lived through a complex blend of data, geography and sociocultural dynamics. The artworks and installations within this exhibition are more than just objects or media presentations, they are testament to our adaptability, resilience, and shared humanity amidst drastic change. They serve as powerful examples of our inherent ability to translate numbers to narratives, and global phenomena to relatable and visual experience. Each work in this exhibition stands not only as a reflection of our current world but also as a marker, leading us towards understanding and navigating the complexities of our interconnected existence.

Curated by Laure Michelon, founding partner of Studio MMR, Lecturer at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, and creative and architectural technologist based in Los Angeles.

Artists: Isabel Beavers, Alice Bucknell, Richelle Ellis, FreelandBuck, Deeksha Harish, Yilan Huang, Jiaqi Kang, Jeremy Kamal, Natalia Mejia, Studio MMR, Robert Gerard Pietrusko, Romi Ron Morrison, Patricia Reed, Jenny Rodenhouse, Young & Ayata

Image Credits: Jenny Rodenhouse, Alice Bucknell, Isabel Beavers, Jeremy Kamal, Richelle Ellis

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