Sunset 2050

Current Exhibition

June 30, 2018 – August 19, 2018

Will cruising on Sunset ever be the same, when the cars start steering themselves?

The iconic Strip that spans the length of music’s mecca, boasts a billboard culture that made the dreams of many an aspiring Rockstar. It’s potent milieu of glamour, stardom, melody, and mischief carry its tales far beyond its two-mile run. In a world that is now transitioning to redefined rules of access, the Strip has been caught in a limbo between its layered iconography and the congestion that has become a hallmark of everyday society. Cut to 2050, where the advent of autonomous vehicular technology will render a new landscape to the City of Los Angeles. What future can we envision for Rock and Roll’s Crawl of Fame?

Suprastudio Hodgetts and Nowak has been working on a masterplan for the Sunset Strip, circa 2050. From tackling the nuances of autonomous technology, courtesy of a ten-week collaboration with Art Center College of Design’s graduate students in Transportation Design, to spearheading a new wave of visual billboarding that will propel it to prosperity, the studio speculates on a mobility enhanced urban future.


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