Much of today’s cultural dialogue is driven by an inherent need for change, improvement and overall awareness of issues that matter to us at varying scales. We often speak of solutions in passing – things we wish would change within our personal lives or within society – but how can we communicate these nonverbally through other forms of expression? DOPIUM LA’s [RE:SOLUTIONS] will celebrate the soul behind thoughtful creation, highlighting the artists’ intent behind their work and the stories that inspire conception out of necessity. Featured Artists: Coleman Butts, Matthew Corbitt, Isabel Dimaranan, Eunbi, Kat Guimapang, Eva Huang, Hokuto Konishi, Hans Koesters, kyatchin, Huntz Liu, Max, Jena Meeks + Ben Gourley, Ashley Minjie, Rich Nam, OWIU Studio, Colin Ozawa + Randy Cano Pareid, Jaime Rivera, Saba Salekfard, Harrison Steinbuch, Colby Su, Evelyn Tring + Mina Jun, Yifei Wu + Zhuohui Zhu, Manny Zermeno

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