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More than 90 years after Richard Neutra immigrated from Europe to America, his California furniture designs, created from the late 1920s to the early 1940s, have returned to the U.S.In cooperation with architect Dion Neutra, Richard’s son and architectural partner, The Neutra Collection by VS was made ready for discovery by the architecture and design community, a community that appreciates the designs of the modern classics but for whom Neutra’s designs may be fresh and new.The diversity of Neutra’s work in furniture required great care, as each individual piece possessed a different character and, therefore, different craft and manufacturing requirements. VS began its work with meticulous archival research and careful documentation of every detail for each member of the Collection. Prototyping, testing, and selection of genuine materials and the selection of a wide variety of Luxe fabrics followed. The result is an elite collection of lounge chairs, cantilevered chairs, and side tables, included the iconic Boomerang Chair and the Camel Table, all manufactured by VS in Germany. The Neutra Collection currently consists of 27 individual pieces.

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