Come In! Les Femmes


COME IN! LES FEMMES PARTICIPANTSTanya Aguiniga / Furniture Design, Textiles, Installation Art Amy Jean Boebel / Installation Art Lilliana Castro/Archeffect Design / Architecture, Graphic Design, Design, Installation Art Design, Bitches in collaboration with Meiko Takechi Arquillos, Photographer / Architecture Kristin duCharme / Installation Art Robyn Dunbar / Textile Design Johanna Grawunder / Installation Art Katherine Gray / Installation Art Minarc / Architecture Jessie Kawata / Product Design Polina Leytman / Design Jaime Lopez / Graphic Design Elena Manferdini / Fabric Design Rebecca Niederlander / Installation Art Alison Petty Ragguette / Installation Art Iris Anna Regn / Architecture Gwen Samuels / Hand-Stitched Photography Elizabeth Paige Smith / Multimedia Design Doris Sung/Dosu Studio Architecture / Architecture Linda Taalman / Architecture Petrula Vrontikis / Graphic Design Emily White / Installation Art Jennifer Wolf / Installation Art Yi-Hsu Yeh/Yeh Design Lab / Architecture, Fashion Accessories

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