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curated by Anthony Morey and Ryan Tyler Martinez
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Architecture aims to take stock, understand the overlaps, force overlaps and begin to find our insides, outsides, and fringes of our newly defined discipline. Architecture looks not to answer questions but to discover the potentiality of understanding all the tools at hand and the various methods and means of its ideologies.

architecture, architectural & Architecture is a collection of these featured Artists:
Adjustments Agency
Viola Ago
Laida Aguirre
Francisco Alarcon
Matthew Allen
Iman Ansari
Kelly Bair
Kristy Balliet
Caio Barboza
Yohannes Baynes
Ivan Bernal
Ashley Bigham
Christine Bjerke
Sofia Blanco
Kyle Branchesi
Chloe Brunner
Coleman Butts
Bryan Cantley
Sean Canty
Kellan Cartledge
Abby Coover
Greg Corso
Grey Crowell
Eastbridge Studio
Mircea Eni
Mark Ericson
Evan Farley
Clemens Finkelstein
Heather Flood
Marshall Ford
Mary Franck
Gabriel Fries-Briggs
Deborah Garcia
Miles Gertler
Patrick Geske
Devin Gharakhanian
Ryan Goldenberg
Connor Gravell
Jeff Halstead
Shannon Han
Sierra Helvey
Keyla Hernandez
Erik Herrmann
Patrick Herron
Kyle Hovenkotter
Alvin Huang
Nate Hume
Molly Hunker
Duygun Inal
Eli Keller
Joel Kerner
Joanna Kloppenburg
Hunter Knight
Steven Kocher
Hans Koesters
Alfie Koetter
Nicholas Korody
Andrew Kovacs
Kayleen Kulesza
Mustafa Kustur
James Leng
Daniela Leon
Stephanie Lin
Lauren Lynn
Ryan Tyler Martinez
Jake Matatyaou
Zach Matthews
Rachael McCall
Kyle James Miller
Emily Mohr
Anthony Morey
Michael Nesbit
Jake Newsum
Marta Nowak
Nicholas Pajerski
Jasmine Park
Zachary Tate Porter
Bryne Rasmussen-Smith
Casey Rehm
Shane Reiner-Roth
Johnathan Rieke
Walaid Sehwail
Brendan Shea
Andrew Smith-Rasmussen
Jordan Squires
Harrison Steinbuch
Lori Summers
Yuki Takeshima
Clark Thenhaus
Hans Tursack
Constance Vale
Yaohua Wang
Ben Warwas
Jared White
Emmett Zeifman
Michael Zimmerman