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In March 2013 A+D Museum presented Airport of the Future, the international student competition entries and winners of the Fentress Global Challenge 2011, as part of the larger traveling exhibition Now Boarding: Fentress Airports + The Architecture of Flight, which was featured in three parts in various Los Angeles locations. The Museum of Flying exhibited Now Boarding, and the Flight Path Museum highlighted the rich past and promising future of LAX with artifacts from LAX’s past and a large-scale model of the new Tom Bradley International Terminal.A+D Museum’s exhibition, Airport of the Future celebrated insights on the future design of airports by university students from around the world. The show also examined the future of flight through the minds of the architects behind the modernized Tom Bradley International Terminal. Freehand sketches and final renderings from Fentress Architects’ Airport of the Future think tank provided a rare glimpse into the architect’s imagination and design process. The exhibition also included a look at the architect’s scale model of the master plan for LAX’s future.

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Fentress + The Airport of the Future: Now Boarding Book ISBN: 978-1857597462 We have a copy of the book on hand and can send images of sections if you would like. Fentress Architects Designers of the Tom Bradley International Terminal The link above will direct you to their webpage about the TBIT project The Fentress Global Challenge An ongoing student competition for the design of airports. During the Now Boarding exhibition, we showcased student work from this competition. All past winning projects are available on their website. The Museum of Flying and Flight Path Museum These were museums that were also showcasing portions of the larger exhibition. It appears that they don’t have an online archive, but they are still great resources. There are a few blog posts from visitors about the content they provided in their portion of the exhibition: here and here Denver Art Museum This museum is the original publisher of the exhibition’s book. The link above will direct you to their archive of events related to the exhibition Side note: Fentress also designed the Denver Art Museum!More recently, the A+D Museum hosted Aerial Future’s symposium titled Leading Edge. Aerial Futures is a non-profit organization exploring innovation in the architecture of flight, technology, and the broader urban mobility ecosystem. They do an impeccable job of archiving their content. Here is the link for the symposium held at A+D.

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