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Contemporary Alibi:
Footwear to Facade

I examined the relationship between architecture and footwear through an aesthetic and tectonic lens. I critically analyzed the process of creating footwear art and how it is derived. Through specific techniques of footwear design, such as stitching, weaving, and branding, I aim to develop new ways to generate architecture. By using these techniques, I hope to encourage the discipline to design and think more creatively about how we enclose our spaces, develop spatial relationships, and consider materials.

Critical Computation Alibi:
Limits of Nature

Limits of Nature seeks to critique the current top-down design process in the face of the continuous conversation on sustainable environmentally and embracing nature. Although architects actively attempt to design towards an environmentally friendly future through sustainable systems and green infrastructure, the industry is still subject to exploitation of the positive sustainable direction through issues of green washing. Limits of Nature offers an alternative perspective, altering the top-down human-led design process to a bottom-up nature-led design process where biomaterials such as Borax Crystals grow into the architecture shells, growing, adapting, and evolving the human living environment alongside nature. Such vision minimizes human involvement, and thus, human error and biases, through limiting human design to the skeletal structure or guiding feature of the building, allowing crystals’’ self-organizing and self-growing characters to infill the floors, walls, and window frames. By leveraging and trusting nature’s time-tested knowledge of the most optimal organization, formation, and adaptation for survival, both humans and the natural environment can strive to live harmoniously together in a sustainable and evolving world.

"Performalism" Alibi:
Incongruous Whole


The Venice of Los Angeles’ creation story begins upon the grounds of destruction. Dredging of vital coastal salt marshes that once inhabited the coast would make way for the vision of its developer, materializing in the replica canaled city. The Venice of today itself exists only as a vestige of its original ambition as it was subsumed by the agglomeration that is Los Angeles. This savaged landscape would however grow to become a cultural hub for a plethora of diverse subcultures to flourish. Its nurturing and facilitation of these communities akin to an ecosystem of interdependence and difference that is the salt marsh wetlands of its forgotten past. Each of the site’s temporal conditions represent mere granules in what we understand a site to be as past, present, and future possibilities compounding in perpetuity. Our project intends to allegorically excavate this meaning from its context and express it through its diverse programmatic arrangements as they are treated as disparate entities inhabiting an incongruent whole.

The primary programmatic ambition of the project transforms the site into a salt marsh breeding ground equipped with growth laboratories and educational facilities. Traversing through the site is a perpetual unraveling from above and below, within and throughout. The ground creates a public realm in which erupting laboratories create variable ground conditions and reveal the sites subterranean innerworkings to the public. A variety of conference spaces and lecture halls snake through the whole as volumes intervening upon its internal voids. The presence of these internal entities creates structural shifts and expose tectonic elements within and as they terminate at the library, displace and dislodge to create peculiar spaces.

By emphasizing the simultaneous coexistence of time and the complex interrelations of elements within ecologies, our project operates within a framework where all histories can and should be drawn upon in order to develop an interconnected foundation from where further extrapolations can be developed. Challenging linear methodologies and subverting the expectations of how these programs are supposed to coexist on the site, we seek to emphasize the potential in the connection of diverse entities. Their ubiquitous difference highlights the power of a heterogenous, interconnected, and ever evolving architectural approach, where unique qualities are celebrated, and new possibilities are continuously pushed forward.

Data Alibi:
National Obsolescence

National Blvd is an obsolete asset. In the shadow of the fastest form of conventional travel (the Freeway)we propose architecture as urban design at a pedestrian scale.

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