ON SCREEN ongoing film series showcasing media projects

on themes of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies.

onSCREEN also incorporates panel discussions with

filmmakers and other professionals from the worlds

of film and film criticism.



Bible Storyland

Bible Storyland [2012] directed by Stephanie Hubbard, named "Best Documentary Film" at the 2012 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, explores LA Based Art Dealer Harvey Jordan's obsessive, decade-long search to uncover the mysteries of a bible-themed amusement park designed by Disney creatives in the early 1960's with the intention to rival Disneyland. Complete with dream sequences, animation, and a curse, this quirky documentary plumbs the depths of the many facets of Bible Storyland and its effects on Harvey Jordan and his family. 


Process Film Series

A program of short films by Evan Mather, based on the theme, Process, was screened Friday August 10, 2012.  These films included a glimpse into the design process of a landscape architect (“Expressions”); the conceptual process and implementation of two public art installations (“So What”, “Ojama”), a historic school in New Orleans (“A Plea For Modernism”), a power plant in Burbank (“Building A Sustainable Future”), and a visitor’s center in the San Bernardino Mountains (“Pavillion Dans Les Arbres”); the imagined collaborative process between an architect and performance artist (“I Am An Artist”); and film as process itself (“Twelve Minutes To Vegas”). Evan is an award-winning filmmaker and Principal at AHBE Landscape Architects. Thanks so the evenings drink sponsor, Karl Strauss Brewing Co.


Eames at The Ace Hotel 

On Ferbaury 20, 2012, as a part of Palm Springs Modernism Week, A+D Museum and the ACE Hotel celebrated Eames at a special screening event with Eames Demetrios, grandson of Charles and Ray Eames. The evening's program included a two surprise Eames shorts and key films in the Eames pantheon as well as Eames Demetrios’s latest film ‘Elephant Safaris: To The Wilds’. Also on screen was the famous 901: After 45 years of Working.  This film is a document of the dissasembly of the famous Eame Office space at 901 Washington in Venice, California. 901 acts as a prism in examining the richness of the Eames' life and work. 


A+D Museum presents EAMES onSCREEN with Eames Demetrios, grandson of Charles & Ray. Eames will present a special and surprising selection of Eames films as well as premiere his own latest film Elephant Safaris: To The Wilds. Join us for EAMES onSCREEN and learn family insight into these renowned productions.






onSCREEN with Evan Mather, Landscape Architect and Filmmaker

A+D Museum presents onSCREEN 2010, opening with a screening of three films by landscape architect and filmmaker Evan Mather: 39-A + The Image of the City + A Necessary Ruin. Guests enjoyed an outdoor picnic screening of these films.

A Necessary Ruin Upon its completion in October 1958, the Union Tank Car Dome, located north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was the largest clear-span structure in the world. Based on the engineering principles of the visionary design scientist and philosopher Buckminster Fuller, this geodesic dome was, at 384 feet in diameter, the first large scale example of this building type. A Necessary Ruin relates the powerful, compelling narrative of the dome’s history via interviews with architects, engineers, preservationists, media, and artists; animated sequences demonstrating the operation of the facility; and hundreds of rare photographs and video segments taken during the dome’s construction, decline, and demolition. (Evan Mather, U.S.A., 2009, 29:54)