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a5 COPENHAGEN Architecture, Interiors, Lifestyle

The second volume in the new Architecture Series a5 is devoted to Copenhagen for its reputation as one of the most creative centers in the world. The 400 pages book with over 100 illustrations presents the work of 17 Copenhagen-based architecture studios from the past five years, and their great impact on Copenhagen as well as the architectural world stage.

a5 is a Worldwide Documentary Series on premier Architecture of the past 5 years from the American based publisher Oro Editions.

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Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next By Greg Lindsay

Aerotropolis is a book about what the world’s cities will look like as they are designed (or re-designed) according to the logic of globalization. For John D. Kasarda and Greg Lindsay, the answer is the Aerotropolis, a combination of giant airport, planned city, shipping hub, and business district. The aerotropolis approach to urban living is now reshaping life in cities across the globe, and Aerotropolis is filled with fascinating examples, from New Songdo in South Korea (an instant city built on a man made island, designed to emit a third of the greenhouse gases of a typical metropolis its size, and connected directly to its airport by bridge), to Memphis, Tennessee (a former river town reborn as an aerotroplis thanks to FedEx’s shipping hub). The aerotropolis is the frontier of the next phase of globalization, whether we like it or not.

Greg Lindsay has written for Time, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, and Fast Company. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Aerotropolis is his first book.

Geoff Manaugh is a contributing editor at Wired UK, the founder and author of the popular website BLDGBLOG, and the author of The BLDGBLOG Book. He lives in the Los Angeles area.

The Hollywood Sign: Fantasy and Reality of an American Icon By Leo Braudy

Hollywood's famous sign, constructed of massive white block letters set into a steep hillside, is an emblem of the movie capital it looms over and an international symbol of glamour and star power. To so many who see its image, the sign represents the earthly home of that otherwise ethereal world of fame, stardom, and celebrity--the goal of American and worldwide aspiration to be in the limelight, to be, like the Hollywood sign itself, instantly recognizable.

Join A+D and Councilmember Tom La Bonge in celebrating the new book The Hollywood Sign: Fantasy and Reality of an American Icon by cultural histrorian and film critic Leo Braudy, Saturday March 12th from 5-8PM.  

Leo Braudy is currently University Professor and Leo S. Bing Chair in English and American Literature at the University of Southern California and was recently inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 


The Power of Pro Bono: 40 Stories about Design for the Public Good by Architects and Their Clients Edited by John Cary and Public Architecture. Foreword by Majora Carter. Preface by John Peterson

A first-of-its-kind book, equally representing the voices of architects and their clients, The Power of Pro Bono features dozens of the best pro bono design projects produced by many of the leading architects working today, ranging from young studios to some of the largest firms in the country. The clients include grassroots community organizations as well as national and international nonprofits. The book is inspired and informed by the activist design work of Public Architecture, the San Francisco–based organization founded by architect John Peterson that puts the resources of architecture in the service of the public interest. The 1% program of Public Architecture challenges architecture and design firms to pledge at least 1 percent of their time to pro bono projects, resulting in an estimated $25 million in donated services each year.


Success By Design: Revealing Profiles of California Architects By Jenn Kennedy

Join A+D Museum to celebrate the new book Success By Design: Revealing Profiles of California Architects by Jenn Kennedy and exhibit of large-scale prints of the twenty five featured architects in this publication. Through interviews, the book chronicles the rise (and fall, at times) of twenty-five successful California architects. Kennedy also made original portraits of each architects and told their stories - complete with key decisions, philosophies of business and lessons learned. Some featured architects include; Art Gensler, Ray Kappe, Steven Ehrlich, Stephen Kanner and Lauren Rottet.

“Success by Design provides an intimate, accessible look at some of my favorite architects,” says Sam Lubell, editor-in-chief of The Architect’s Newspaper, California Edition. “It was refreshing to learn about their personalities, histories, inspirations, struggles, and philosophies.” Additionally, Kennedy tapped University of Southern California School of Architecture Dean Qingyun Ma to write the book introduction.



a5>Los Angeles: Architecture, Interiors, Lifestyle

The “a5 Architecture Series,” edited by Berlin-based architect Casey Mathewson, is ORO Editions' new book series focusing on architecture, interiors, and landscapes in selected global metropolises. The a5 Series is planned for publication in the coming years to showcase the world of architecture in such diverse metropolitan cities as Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Copenhagen, Shanghai, Berlin and Singapore. The series portrays the very best work done in the world’s creative capitals, and also focuses on visionary designs slated for construction over the coming years. Detailed working drawings are also included to enrich the contents and make the series even more relevant for all those interested in architecture and design. 


Stephan Jaklitsch: Habits, Patterns, Algorithms By Stephan Jaklitsch

Stephan Jaklitsch founded Stephan Jaklitsch Architects, a multi-disciplinary architecture and design firm, in 1998. Through his work, Jaklitsch explores the poetry of architecture – using the manipulation of space and light to create rigorously detailed spaces that convey a sense of meaning and purpose to their respective contexts. His firm has received numerous awards, including two Merit Awards from the American Institute of Architects, exhibited in New York and London, and has been featured in prominent publications throughout the world. Jaklitsch received his M-Arch from Princeton University and BS in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Touchstones of Design: [re]defining public architecture By Curtis Fentress

Touchstones of Design: [re]defining public architecture is a graphically stunning and conceptually bold publication which illustrates Fentress’ time-tested design philosophy. The book explores eight guiding principles which Fentress believes are integral to the creation of beautiful, functional and enduring public architecture. In his own words: “Some architects have a preconceived notion of what a building should be — they design from the outside like the building is a piece of sculpture. I prefer to patiently search through extensive discovery until I find a seam somewhere, crack it open and discover the art inside.”



We are facing an international energy crisis of unprecedented proportion. The foreign policy of the United States is uncomfortably associated with our dependency on foreign oil. Carbon-based fuels are creating a greenhouse effect that is wreaking havoc around the world. Nuclear power is not only dangerous, but it is also not an economically feasible solution. The earth needs an answer and it needs one fast. In this exhilarating new perspective toward energy independence and sustainable culture, eco-pioneer and award-winning green engineer S. David Freeman offers an innovative solution to weaning ourselves off America’s three most destructive power sources: nuclear power, foreign oil, and coal. 


PARIS 2000 By Sam Lubell

In every era, Paris has epitomized beauty and innovation in architecture--magnificent Gothic cathedrals, the elegant hotels and chateaux of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the broad sweep of Haussmann in the 1870s, and most recently the Grand Projets of Francois Mitterand. Paris 2000+ focuses on the exceptional projects built in the French capital since 2000. Works by French masters like Jean Nouvel and Christian de Portzamparc and international building firms such as Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Herzog and de Meuron, and UN Studio are featured alongside projects by emerging French practices.



Venice, California is one of the most vibrant and distinctive communities in the United States. While it’s best known for its bohemian atmosphere, picture-perfect canals, and rambunctious boardwalk, there’s much more to Venice than what appears on the glossy surface. For years, it has been a locus of creative activity and home to world-class artists, architects, and designers who have continuously given it new life. Venice, CA is an exploration of Venice’s original and captivating approach to lifestyle, architecture, and design.


EL SEGUNDO Jones Partners Architecture

For more than fifteen years, Jones, Partners: Architecture has dedicated itself to innovative, iconoclastic architectural projects. Picking up where their 1998 book, Instrumental Form, left off, Jones, Partners: Architecture presents an overview of the work created from their office in El Segundo, California, over the last decade.