What is the role of curation in today’s architecture & design disciplinary framework? The guest curator program aims to produce a conversation through making & curating that begins to analyze traditional modes and models of curating architecture & design.

The Guest Curator Program was motivated by the A+D’s desire to provide an opportunity for curators to collaborate, create, and experiment within the walls of the museum on emerging modes of curation, media, and untapped mediums. The Program is an evolving body of professionals and academics from different backgrounds gathered in the effort to initiate conversations of how to expand upon and rupture traditional modes of curating architecture and design.

2018 Guest Curators:

Ivan Bernal 

Assistant Teaching Professor

Syracuse University School of Architecture

Clemens Finkelstein   

Doctoral Candidate

Princeton University School of Architecture

Deborah Garcia   

Masters Candidate

Princeton University School of Architecture

Ryan Tyler Martinez

Faculty at SCI-Arc

Faculty at Woodbury

Yaohua Wang

Preliminary Research Office

Faculty at University of Southern California