The Stephen Kanner Education Center for Architecture and Design continues the legacy founded with the A+D Museum by carrying on a commitment to education and mentorship and providing platforms for fostering young talent.

This lively center serves as a venue for student work, special critiques, charrettes, lectures, movie screenings and ongoing education workshops, including A+D’s ARkidECTURE + design program. The showcase of ongoing design and architecture exhibitions by students and young designers facilitates growth in learning of all ages, from young practitioners to the public at large.

In conjunction with the establishement of the Stephen Kanner Education Center, A+D continues outreach to the rich academic community, proceeding with the initiative to create a scholarship in Stephen Kanner’s name.


We are pleased to announce that A+D Museum and the Stephen Kanner Education Center have recently been awarded with a generous $5,000.00 donation from the Southern California Development Forum for Fall 2013.


Family and Practice Advisors
Iris Anna Regn and Rebecca Niederlander, Founders of BROODWORK
BROODWORK is the ongoing art and design project founded by Iris Anna Regn and Rebecca Niederlander to investigate the interweaving of creative practice and family life. BROODWORK’s multi-faceted approach of talking, blogging, designing, event-making, and curating exists to examine and illuminate, and also to foster an advantageous environment that will in itself stimulate innovation. []



Core to the mission of A+D Museum is education. We are pleased partner with, Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), St.Elmo's Village, The Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) and The Petersen Automotive Museum. A+D seeks to act as a center for teaching and learning for students of all ages, young practitioners and the public at large.