Eames Words

Current Exhibition

October 1, 2011 – February 19, 2012

Charles and Ray Eames inspired us to appreciate the world by honoring “the uncommon beauty of common things.”

This exhibit used the words of Charles and Ray Eames to focus on the lesser-known aspects of their lives, revealing their appreciation of the value of humble objects and useful tools. Their insights about the simple pleasures of daily life were illustrated with objects and materials available during their lifetimes and contemporary examples from the world around us.

From tumbleweed to strawberries, a bolt of cloth to a keg of nails, to elephants in India and the bread of Scandinavia, the whole world was their canvas. The technologies they used (and often invented) to record their appreciation, were the most advanced of their time.

The informal “assemblage” showed an aspect of Charles and Ray’s lives that enchanted everyone lucky enough to know them.

Gold Patron: bulthaup Los Angeles

Exhibition Concept/Design: Deborah Sussman, Andrew Byrom

Architecture: Todd Erlandson, Lara Hoad

Advisor/Audio Visual: Eames Demetrios

Photography Curator: Paul Prejza

Creative Consultant: Eder Cetina of Los Angeles Art Collective

‘Ray’s Table’: Tina Beebe

Consulting Curator: Daniel Ostroff

Project Manager: Ariana Vardi

Graphics Production: Olson Visual

Fabrication Coordinators: Michael Grosswendt, Michael P. Johnson

Fabrication: All Coast Construction, Davidson Paint, Michael P. Johnson, Fine Woods, Sherwin-Williams

Production: Emily Booher, Mahetzi Hernandez, William Larsen, Andrew Obermeyer, LJ Roxas, Corey Ruppert, Jim Simmons, Gene Treadwell, Randy Walker, Alex Webb

Exhibition Contributors: Army Trucks Inc., B.Black & Sons, California State University Long Beach, Canters Delicatessen, Lucia Eames, Eames Office, Force Fin, Herman Miller, David Hertsgaard, International Silks & Woolens, Brian Magedman/Magedman Modern, Media Arts Lab, Victoria Mihich,MJM  Graphics, Modern Bite, The Patel Family, Paula and Harihar Roa, SkateLab, Jan Steward, Sussman/Prejza & Company, Inc., Rolling Greens Nursery, Vidal Herrera, Coffin Couches, Albert Wolsky

Media Partner: Architect’s Newspaper