Out of the box: Architecture in a Changing Climate

Upcoming Event

September 6, 2018 6:00 pm

Launching event of the Los Angeles Icebox Challenge, the evening will feature a lively roundtable of voices in the architecture and development community on the future of design in L.A., focusing on the principles of sustainable high-performance building design.

Prior, a presentation from international PH expert Andrew Michler will introduce the subject, present the Passive House standard and show the loading of the ice into the Iceboxes earlier in the afternoon at the Net Zero Conference location.

The Icebox Challenge is a contest. It will be comprised of two small structures, one built to the Title 24 California Building Code, and the other, built to the Passive House (PH) Standard optimized for the local climate. Each Icebox will contain 500 pounds of ice. The Iceboxes will be left outside for 7 days (between September 6th & September 13th), and then opened, measuring the amount of ice left in each box. How much ice is left will indicate how well each Icebox keeps out the summer heat.

The panel discussion at the event will include the following people:
Andrew Michler-Author & Passive House Consultant
Ignacio Fernandez – Director of Strategic Partnerships at Climate Resolve
Kristen Pawling – Sustainability Program Director at Chief Sustainability Office, County of Los Angeles
NVision (Mike Echol or Philip Hart) – Developer of potential first large PH building in CA