Architecture and Design Museum

The Return of Town Hall : WHAT DO WOMEN WANT
Arts District Location

This town hall will feature special guest commentators and open mic discussion. The topic: What Do Women Want? Come one, come all – Town Hall returns this week at A+D with a simple and difficult provocation: WHAT DO WOMEN WANT? This pithy and tired question is posed with a new emphasis on the GOALS of women in architecture NOW. Is equity enough to ask for? How has equity worked so far (ie. what do women actually have now)? Is a little bit of leadership enough? How is “success” measured in gendered terms? How can we encourage intersectionality to truly embrace race, ethnicity, and all forms of diversity into our shared goals? Are we going after the right goals, and to what extent do we continue to bark up trees?

A+D Town Halls are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, open mic, open forums, generously sponsored by the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Los Angeles. We encourage safe and sane community discourse from all peoples regarding gender in architecture.All are welcome, no rsvp required.