Architecture and Design Museum

The Future of __Space // Reflections
by A+D Museum

The Future of _Space //
Reflections is an exhibition aims at opening a dialogue about the shifting relationships to space we have all experienced through a year that has brought critical issues to the fore and insisted on necessary change. Our conceptions of space have all been forever changed by the social and medical events of the year. On the anniversary of the stay-at-home order in Los Angeles, the A+D Museum asked artists who participated in the first exhibition to come back to their work and create a reflection.

The original exhibition’s questions still stand and so we ask them again, this time after a historical year of loss, progress, growth, and so much more.

How do we find connection when digital space becomes the safest option? What does this mean for our mental, personal, public, private, and interior spaces? How does one _Space affect all these types of space? When boundaries in the physical realm become heightened, what happens to the boundaries around other _Spaces? As work and personal take place within the home on the same dining room tables, how does this affect our experience of privacy and private space? These previously distinct concepts are shifting to become hybrid experiences. Public and private now blatantly overlap, spatial cues we once unconsciously responded to are removed and reconfigured. When these _Spaces become imbued with more meaning than ever before, how do we unravel what we need out of our _Spaces and what we imbue them with habitually?