Architecture and Design Museum

by Adrian Kay Wong
Arts District Location

The Alley Fellowship supports the collaboration between architects and artists in order to extend the spectrum of work and artists the A+D showcases. The third exhibit in the series, Reshape, features the installation art of Adrian Kay Wong.

In Reshape, artist Adrian Kay Wong strips visual representation of its power by stretching, compacting, exaggerating, and reorganizing forms that structure environments. Taking the influence buildings and public spaces have beyond their physical entity as his focus, Wong explores the visual translation of real-world settings to painted surface.

The Alley Fellowship is a two-month rotating exhibition and lecture fellowship open to emerging, young, progressive artists in Los Angeles. The Fellowship will be awarded to the six artists who best embody the spirit of transdisciplinary creative exploration which RCH and A+D aim to promote. The selected fellows will receive both logistic, curatorial and financial support to implement a design installation within the Alley Gallery at A+D. Each participant will then present their installation, their thoughts, process and creative viewpoints with a lecture at Rios Clementi Hale Studios. The Fellows will be selected by a seven-member jury consisting of artists, designers, and architects from the A+D family and Rios Clementi Hale Studios.