Architecture and Design Museum

Render: An Auction Fundraiser
June 25.26.27 2021
Online Fundraiser @

Through a tumultuous year many local arts institutions have had to shut their doors, as one of the remaining community oriented organizations the A+D Museum has held strong in our mission to promote progressive architecture and design and create a diverse community is critical to designing a more equitable built environment.

Over the past year we have grown our digital presence and following, giving the A+D Museum a wider voice than ever. This coming year the A+D Museum will move in full force into its hybrid physical and digital presence. We are developing a new online experience for, that will push forward a digital archive of LA histories, exhibitions, and workshops serving as the museum’s collection.

As you bid on the items below, know that each dollar spent through this auction will go to supporting the artists and the institution.


AN.ONYMOUS // Anya and Jeff Stevens // Ariella Kaniel // Berfin Ataman // Camille Ora-Nicole // Davis Richardson // Ebrahim Poustinchi // Gabriela Zappi // John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects (JFAK) // Mike Nesbit // MUTUO // Omar Khaireddin  // R. Nelson Parrish & Ryan Lovelace  // Tim D. Reynolds