Architecture and Design Museum

Pushing the Press: The Typecraft Design Library
curated by Stephen Child and David Mayes
Arts District Location

For over 100 years, Typecraft has worked with artists and designers to create an astonishing variety of work proving the power and beauty of print design. Pushing the Press represented over 15 years of work collected from Typecraft’s collaborations.

The collection presented was a celebration of the enduring power of print as a medium and a tribute to the talented and visionary ensemble of professionals who contribute their skills and dedication to the art of graphic communication and expression. This exhibition honored all contributors to the print process: clients, designers, writers, editors, pressmen, strippers, binders, all who participate in making extraordinary graphic work and whose knowledge and talents are indispensable to the finished piece. This archive was the result of the loving labor of an entire dedicated community.

Within the Typecraft Design Library, one could explore a vast array of print processes, including split fountain, special die cuts, unique bindings, embossing, debossing, toothy papers, shiny foils and multiple inks. Beyond their engaging design, the power of these pieces lies in their materiality -- physical objects with mass, texture, and color, designed to be held and savored. This exhibition sought to leave museum visitors inspired to create, enjoy and experiment with the endless possibilities of pushing the press.

exhibition and promotional design: USC Roski School of Art and Design Special Projects Class