Architecture and Design Museum

Other Works 1-134: Jones/Kahn/Paige
by A+D Museum
Wilshire Boulevard Location

This exhibition featured works on paper by the architects, Wes Jones, of Jones, Partners: Architecture; Eric Kahn, of the Central Office of Architecture; and Gary Paige, of Gary Paige Studio. The architectural works of Jones, Kahn and Paige have been published widely, and are recognized internationally.

This exhibition instead focused on their other works: paintings and drawings, collages, mappings, and exercises in atmospherics, the personal work of these architects as artists.This exhibition featured not merely a sampling of different series of works on paper by these artist-architects; it also provided a rare simultaneous glimpse into their creative processes and visions. Through a positing of the works as the experimental grounds for architectural production, this exhibition promoted a conversation on architects and their work, the production of architecture as a process of making, and confrontation with the discipline of production.