Architecture and Design Museum

Movement and Motivation
by Berfin Ataman
Arts District Location

Multimedia artist Berfin Ataman focuses her practice on delving deeply into the psychology of motion. Over multiple collections and projects, she has explored the internal and external perceptions of movement as they relate to the body, space, and non-human objects. Her earlier work, focused on wearable pieces, were a means of exploring how fabric and structure could have an effect on the models’ behavior, movement and ultimately their inhibitions and instincts. The shapes of the garments are inspired by games, understood as spaces on imposed and calculated movement.

Berfin’s more recent work engages the mediums of fabric and robotics in creating sculptures. She experiments with how behaviors and feelings are evoked through observed and experienced motion. These experiments in programmed movement focus on how the second an object moves it gains character. This secondary movement is the way in which the objects conduct themselves and as humans we tend to give the sculpture human characteristics. These creatures become bodies that define the negative and positive space creating an ever changing environment. She questions the psychology behind this imposed judgment and how it affects our mental state. What is presented is a survey of her work, ranging from experiments on the human body to experiments in robotics.

This exhibition was presented as part of The Alley Fellowship. The Alley Fellowship supports the collaboration between architects and artists. The Alley Fellowship was established as a partnership between Rios Clementi Hale Studios and A+D Architecture and Design Museum out of a mutual desire to provide a platform from which to support emerging cross-disciplinary artists.