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Face Mask Challenge

The face mask has become a required item not only for medical or essential workers but for every person today. If the mask has not been a part of your everyday life before, they will continue to be found in most households even in a Post Covid-19 world. This challenge seeks to shift the narrative of face masks from not only as critical for health and safety but as an accessory that can be fashionable and designed.

We buy sunglasses not only to protect our eyes from the sun but as a way to accessorize and evoke our personal style. Now there are many designers making face masks as high fashion items like Zhijun Wang, a designer, and an artist who takes items like Ikea shopping bags and Nike sneakers then transforms them into uniquely stylized masks.

For this challenge, we ask for all participants to rethink and redesign the typical face mask to not only function as a protective covering but play a more significant role in conveying one’s personal identity. We hope that there will be a range of work representing each designer’s personal practice from the digital to the analog.

Send photos of your creations to:

3D human figures with texture maps
︎︎︎ download 3D files from the link

Printable line drawings and colored images of human faces
︎︎︎ download images from the link
adidas X 17.3 FG solar yellow, saucony jazz original vintage