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Planning for resilience and change is an urgent necessity – for the well-being of the built environment, for social institutions and for every human being. Achieving resilience today means understanding how enduring buildings and urban fabric sustain themselves by continuous, incremental renewal. Planning for change necessitates recognition that built environment transformation is a process in which multiple jurisdictions, investors, professions and everyday citizens share responsibility over time. The Open Building approach celebrates adaptability, resilience and distribution rather than centralization of control. Its design strategies structure public space that supports and inspires development of private space where people and organizations can make independent decisions about use: Build to last / build to renew. This conference and exhibition aim to expand the discourse of Open Building by bridging practice and academia.

About the Council on Open Building: The Council on Open Building is a network of professionals in the design and building industry throughout North America. They are committed to the proposition that planning for change – during design and long-term – is a fundamental prerequisite for a resilient and sustainable built environment. The Council fosters the development of knowledge, methods, and practices supporting the implementation of Open Building. Their approach crosses all project types including residential, healthcare, educational facilities, and commercial.