Architecture and Design Museum

Celebrate Identity 2018
5.12.18 Arts District Location

Celebrate is A+D Museum’s Annual Gala Fundraiser. With your support we are a serendipitous combustion, taking LA to the front line of emerging themes and engagement about Architecture and Design and its prominence in our everyday life. Celebrate: Identity is a bow to the individuality and grit that drives this explosion. Our Gala is a salute to every face of the city, of the street and all that look inwards for inspiration.  Celebrate Identity encourages the expression of the individual.  A+D is the platform for fostering creative disruptions, and our Gala is the means to bring the diverse and rich identities that occupy our places, beings, and imagination together for a night of celebration.

For one night, the Museum will be transformed into its own Metro Station, featuring themed stations navigated by real-world models moving along tracks – the arteries of the city – as guests enjoy the Metro-inspired atmosphere and characters. The pièce de résistance will be an immersive fashion experience by fashion designer Marco Marco (Britney Spears, Katy Perry), whose colorful and innovative designs famously honor all body-types and identities. Together with Marco and his team, A+D promises a heart-pounding event, drawing inspiration from the unique, transformative, and controversial.

Thank you to our sponsors!