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Bridging Realities: Policy and Eviction
Online Panel

Bridging Realities: Policy and Eviction is aimed at understanding what policies affect the growing unhoused community in Los Angeles and beyond. LA County’s unhoused population swelled to 66,000 due to unemployment & evictions. This pandemic is only increasing the complexity of an already fragile social dynamic and another contribution to people falling out of the housing market. With temporary policies falling behind we begin to ask what is the role of policy in the housing crisis, both before and since the eruption of COVID-19. The panel is aimed at giving the audience a clear understanding of how these policies function on a legal and experienced level. Beyond this we hope to provide a guide of how individuals can use their power to engage with these policies.

David Waite
ULI-LA Land Use Leadership Committee Co-Chair

Rachel Rossi
Criminal Justice Attorney Policy Expert

Adam Murray
Executive Director Inner City Law Center

Moderated by Nic McGrue
I+C Commitee A+D Museum
Principal at Polymath Legal

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