Architecture and Design Museum

Bridging Realities: Housing Relief for Homelessness
Arts District Location

Bridging Realities is a series of conversations, panels, and events focused on understanding homelessness in Los Angeles and exploring ways of working through the present situation. A+D Museum serves as a neutral space between the prominent Arts District and Skid Row serving as the ideal location for open conversation on the topic of homelessness. Bridging Realities is presented by A+D Museum’s Inclusivity and Community Committee.

The first event in A+D’s Bridging Realities series is Housing Relief for Homelessness. The panel hopes to bring together a diverse group of professionals working within the realm and periphery of interim housing for a productive and educational conversation. Housing Relief for Homelessness takes a multidisciplinary approach that aims to bridge together macro and micro approaches to interim housing through a moderated conversation. The panel takes interim and supportive housing itself as a point of departure to aid in understanding homelessness in Los Angeles from the individual, institutional, and municipal perspectives. Housing Relief for Homelessness explores what everyday barriers are experienced by homeless people, service providers, designers, and planners in using current forms of housing relief.

Sommer Harriman MSW
Yan Krymsky, Design Director, Los Angeles Perkins + Will
Tescia Uribe LCSW, Chief Program Officer PATH
Jennifer Kim, Housing Innovation Director
Bridget Salinas, LCSW
Moderated by Jon Garcia, A+D Inclusion and Community Committee Chair