Architecture and Design Museum

Assembly Winter 2018
Arts District Location

The assembly is a new tradition; it is a gathering. The event is an unveiling of A+D’s new exhibitions. This new approach is an expression of our mission to join together a diverse group in celebration of different disciplines of design and points of view.

Opening exhibitions:
Disgusting Food Museum
PERSISTENT: Evolving Architecture in a Changing World Dark Mode

These exhibitions are set to run till February 17th.This Assembly we are also proud to host a pop-up by FORM and artist, Timothy Robert Smith. This fully immersive environment, opening a gateway into a panoramic train ride is a precursor to further exploration with his ‘Map of LA’ to be seen in FORM: Pioneering Design’s relaunch in January 2019.

We also celebrate the opening of the Impermanent Collection, the museum’s venture into blurring the lines between commodity and art object.

This season we celebrate with food by DOAP Kitchen, a Los Angeles based virtual kitchen specializing in delivering curated home-style meals. Beer generously sponsored by Arts District staple and patron of the arts, Angel City Brewery.