Architecture and Design Museum

Assembly Summer 2019
Arts District Location

Join us on June 8th when we will be celebrating our Summer exhibitions opening with beer, candy, and music. The assembly is a new tradition; it is a gathering. The event is an unveiling of A+D’s new rotation of exhibitions. This approach to hosting simultaneous exhibition openings is an expression of our mission to join together a diverse community in celebration of different disciplines of design and points of view.

A+D’s summer programming gathers around the practices and activities through which local artists, architects, and designers engage with urban material culture, the canvases which exist as buildings and public spaces. The expressions are not just interventions on the city but are unique in that they can only be created by those who have been intervened on by Los Angeles. The A+D as a whole will aim to move beyond the traditional map of the city to find the cracks, the details, with which the nuances of our daily lives are formed. We offer a pinpointed look into how the urban situation acts upon us as city dwellers, and how as artists we reciprocate. What is presented moves beyond art, it is experienced as our surroundings and cultural creation.