Architecture and Design Museum

All Over the Place 
by Preliminary Research Office
Arts District Location

All over the place is an object made from plastic, 32’ long, 15” wide and 25” tall at the highest point. Presented on top of a 46” tall podium, it meets the viewer at an average eye level height, from where it inquires the viewer’s imagination of place in two different scales.

One is the representational scale of ⅛” = 1’, in this scale, the object works as a sectional model of an imagined urbanscape. Made up with fictional architecture elements both as planar profiles and volumetric shapes, this place invites the viewer to explore as the missing scale figure traveling within its vignettes of architecture scenarios.

The other scale is experienced in the space which the object shares with the real body of audience at the one to one scale. Here, the object ceases to reference architectural meaning, instead, it works directly with the audience's visual experience by staging the view towards itself.