staff-tibbie.jpgTibbie Dunbar, Hon. AIA/LA>Executive Director

Tibbie Dunbar became the first Director of A+D Architecture and Design Museum Los Angeles in December 2004.  In the ensuing 9 years, Tibbie has developed the A+D into an active center of architecture and design, launching cutting-edge programming in education, symposia, musical arts performances, cultural urbanism, interactive platforms, and the creation of an installation space where architects, designers, and artists are invited in to conceive on-site projects.

As curator, Tibbie has continued to develop the founders' original vision for the museum, by expanding the breadth of the museum to include exhibits of design.  To further fulfill the museum’s mission, Tibbie attracts national and international exhibits of both architecture and design, and pursues grant support and underwriting for these initiatives. Under Tibbie Dunbar’s stewardship, outstanding exhibits have traveled to A+D from Canada, Finland, and from around the United States.

In her role as director, Tibbie has guided the Board in their fundraising efforts.  More than $1 million of support has been raised to date.  In addition she helped assemble an unprecedented Foundation group for A+D, comprising forty of the top Los Angeles architects and designers.


Tibbie Dunbar has an M.F.A., a B.A. in French and English Literature, and is bilingual in French and English.  She is a practicing fine artist, whose work has been exhibited locally and nationally.  As an artist, Tibbie enhances her contribution to A+D with a broad and encompassing vision of arts and design.

Katie Whorrall>Director of Operations

Katie Whorrall holds a B.A. in Art History and Curatorial Studies and worked in Arts Education before joining A+D as an intern in the Fall of 2014. Katie became a full-time staff member in the Summer of 2015, and is now serving as the Director of Operations. She is also a practicing fine artist whose work has been exhibited in Los Angeles and Seattle.