November 23, 2016



On Saturday, October 25th, the A+D Museum hosted Next Up: LA River, a live podcasting event organized by Archinect. The event featured frank, funny, and far-ranging conversations with architects, designers, urban planners, journalists, and activists, all focused on the past, present, future, and potential of the titular waterway.

The show was broken into a series of fifteen-minute interviews, which covered local history, the weight of gentrification, the aftermath of the 2007 Revitalization Master Plan, the significance of Frank Gehry’s much-ballyhooed overhaul, the unique ecological challenges of working with a flood channel during a protracted drought, and much more. The result was a mosaic of opinions, perspectives, and ideas that formed a vision of what the river was, is, and might yet be in the real world and in the city’s popular imagination.

Archinect has begun releasing individual chats as “Mini Sessions,” and you can listen to the first five here.

“…a certain idea of this city on the edge of the continent…”

Mini Session #1 with journalists Frances Anderton and Christopher Hawthorne:

“…a river for the people… beautiful and clean and accessible for absolutely everybody…”

Mini Session #2 with Marissa Christensen, Senior Policy Director at FOLAR

“…whether the industrial sublime… or the more arcadian view…”

Mini Session #3 with Steven Appleton (founder of LA River Kayak Safari) and Catherine Gudis (co-founder of Play the LA River)

“…it’s funny how the media woke up when Frank Gehry’s name was out there…”

Mini Session #4 with City Deputy Chief Engineer Deborah Weintraub

“…the idea of water in a semi-arid place…”

Mini Session #5 with artist Lou Pesce


– Emerson Dameron, A+D Press

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Whoa, great scholarship and reporting by @heyavishay on @kcrw @kcrwdna - come see the show up now!…