A+D Museum collaborates with architecture and design firms in the greater Los Angeles area to host exceptional design-build workshops for kids.

>ARkidECTURE + Design consists of a series of one-day workshops for children ages 7-12 hosted by A+D Museum and Architecture and design firms in Los Angeles. In each workshoparkidECTS are able to explore these creative industries through hands-on projects.

>Workshops take place on Saturdays from 10:00am – 1:00pm. To receive updates on upcoming workshops, sign-up for the A+D email list here.

ARkidECTURE + Design was the proud recipient of the 2007 award of merit from the American Architectural Foundation.


BUILDING UP with Harley Ellis Devereaux Architects
In our upcoming workshop, ARkidECTS will explore the architecture of skyscrapers and high rises with Harley Ellis Devereaux Architects. Supplied with cardboard, paper, wood, fabric, and other less traditional materials, ARkidECTS will be invited to stretch the limits and possibilities of high rises and the vertical stacking of space. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the office of Harley Ellis Devereaux Architects is the perfect space for our budding designers to explore and expand upon the concept of building up.

DATE: Sunday, June 14
TIME: 10:00AM to 12:30PM
LOCATION: 601 South Figueroa St., Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90017


Pershing Square is an iconic civic space and is now the subject of effort to rethink how it’s designed and used so that it’s a welcoming and vibrant park for people who work, live and visit Downtown LA. Utilizing their expertise in Urban Design, Architects from Torti Gallas and Partners lead the ARkidECTS on a tour through the Square, then back to their office in the historic PacMutual building across the street, where they had the opportunity to design the space anew. They worked on top of a giant map and scale model of the Square, and were guided to re-design either the whole park or just a small portion that they find exciting.

NEGATIVE SPACE with John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects

ARkidTECTS explored NEGATIVE SPACE with JFAK Architects. Using materials including wood, cardboard, foam board, paper, and others near at hand, our young designers looked at the spaces in between the forms and volumes that we normally pay attention to and brought them to three-dimensional life of their own. Using the architecture that resides within JFAK’s own office environment as a starting point, voids, crevices, and all sort of other gaps were re-constructed in surprising and illuminating ways, redefining the way negative spaces are imagined, perceived, and ultimately occupied by us all.

THE 10 with Montalba Architects

In this workshop, ARkidECTS will work with Montalba design staff to re-imagine the city of Los Angeles around the I-10 Freeway in Santa Monica.
When we drive on Los Angeles Freeways, we often think only about where we start and where we end up- but what about the neighborhoods and places we travel through? How are they affected by the noise? The smog? The traffic? How does the freeway connect communities and how does it divide them?
This ARkidECTURE workshop is all about exploring the structure of those places you see from the freeway when you look out the window of your car.

THE HAUTE SEAT with Clive Wilkinson Architects

During this workshop, ARkidECTs designed and constructed their very own chair out of unconventional materials.

PLAYSPACE with Rios Clementi Hale

This workshop highlighted the multidisciplinary approach to design, allowing ARkidECTs to build the Playspace of their imagination. ARkidECTs were introduced to a variety of design tools used by architects, landscape architects and product designers, enabling them to develop dynamic, creative Playspaces. Senior design staff from RCH Studios, including RCH Studios & notNeutral Principal Julie Smith-Clementi were on hand to provide expertise and guidance during the workshop.

PARK PUZZLE with Mia Lehrer + Associates

In line with Mia Lehrer + Associates’ work in landscape architecture, this workshop was geared towards introducing children to the design and construction of parks and public space. Using provided materials, participating children created their “piece of the park puzzle” – no piece was alike, and at the end of theARkidECTURE + design workshop, the pieces will be put together to form one amazing park puzzle. Children playfully exploredthe basics of landscape design and used their own experience to imagine the different elements of a public park.

BRIDGE TO SOMEWHERE with Erlich Architects

During this workshop, ARkidECTs planned and constructing their very own bridge. Whether it was indoors or outdoors, hanging or suspended, the BRIDGE TO SOMEWHERE was allowed to be anything the ARkidECTs could think of. Steven Ehrlich and architects Whitney Wyatt and Patti Rhee of the award-winning Ehrlich Architects gave a tour of the office, a history of bridges, and led the workshop.

BUILDING DOWNTOWN with Harley Ellis Devereaux

Using Downtown Los Angeles as a model, this A+D workshop with Harley Ellis Deveraux encouraged ARkidECTs to view their city through a different lens. Understanding of urban planning was cultivated through a construction of the children’s very own miniature city, with emphasis on scale, zoning laws and perspective.

DAY AS A DESIGNER Making & Museums Summer Camp 2012
+in partnership with the Petersen Automotive Museum and the Craft and Folk Art Museum

During ‘Day as a Designer’, children were invited to participate in a series of fun and educational design-based activities at A+D! As a part of a week-long summer camp organized with partner institutions along the Miracle Mile, Petersen Automotive Museum and Craft and Folk Art Museum, ‘Day as a Designer’ introduced children to various areas of design, as well as guided them through an exciting creative process with every project.

WATERLAB with Leigh Jerrard of Greywater Corps

Where does our water come from? Where does it go after we use it? Are there alternative strategies for closing this loop? Please join Architect and greywater expert Leigh Jerrard to investigate these questions and build your own wacky water delivery system. We’ll have tons of PVC pipe and fittings, marbles, hand pumps, and of course water! With the assistance of our experts, kids will build contraptions out of PVC parts, then hook them up to our hand pump to see what happens! Along the way we’ll learn how energy and water are interconnected and what you can do to help save this precious resource.

CONNECT WITH EAMES with The Eames Office

Children enjoyed the opportunity to learn all about the wonderful world of Charles and Ray Eames at A+D Museum’s ARkidECTURE + design workshop at The Eames Office Saturday, January 14th. Carla Hartman, Education Director and granddaughter of Charles and Ray Eames, lead this educational workshop where children will created their very own Eames designs including a custom ‘Eames House of Cards’ and a miniature paper chair. A tour of the Eames Office exhibition, Essential Eames: the Design of Knowledge, and its interactive component was also given.

STEP TO DESIGN WORKSHOP with Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners

A+D Museum and MRY hosted a children’s workshop exploring the world of staircases. Children worked alongside professional architects to plan, design and build a staircase. Whether their models were sweeping and grand or sky-high and wild, ARkidECTs gained hands-on experience in the world of a professional architect… stepping up to the design of their imaginations.

MUSEUM OF ME with Sussman/Prezja

Children explored the world of Environmental Graphics with A+D Museum and Sussman-Prejza. Working alongside professional designers, ARkidTECTS created their own ‘Museum of Me’. These ARkidECTs learned some of the key elements of Environmental Graphics by channeling expression of their personality through color, mood, space, and scale in this one day workshop.




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