June 15, 2017

A+D | Irreverent, Immediate, Inclusive

A+D | Irreverent, Immediate, Inclusive

architecture – how an architect or student of architecture explains the field to a layperson (note the lowercase “a”)

architectural – architecture vis-a-vis the author, the individual participant, the “architect”

Architecture – the discipline, the collective, as a whole

“Do you think we’re too young to be doing this?” asks Ryan Tyler Martinez.

His partner Anthony Morey chuckles.

“Seriously,” Martinez continues, “shouldn’t we be in an office somewhere, practicing?”

Despite their youth and self-deprecating irreverence, Martinez and Morey, the co-organizers of our forthcoming show architecture, architectural, & Architecture, cannot be accused of a lack of experience. They previously worked together on A One-Night Stand for Art_ & Architecture_, a series of pop-up shows that gave them ample opportunities to experiment.

While others whittle away at grand ideas for years or decades, Morey and Martinez took an improvisational approach. Morey describes the previous project as “a pegging ground for testing ideas.” If something didn’t work, it would be gone in one weekend, surviving only as a learning experience. Over time, “we started becoming critical of how we were producing these shows.”

Specifically, the duo came to see the “intimidation factor” of artistic ego and authority, the unspoken sense of “father knows best,” as an impediment to “theatrical playfulness.”

The new exhibition builds on this punk-rock spirit, celebrating polemic and polarity, primed to generate friction. The team solicited 100 participants to submit pieces. Each submission includes text, an image, and an object. And that’s as far as the requirements go.

“The text needs to stand as important as text,” says Morey. “The object needs to need to stand as important as an object.”

If someone submits an eleven-story highrise, Morey and Martinez will do their best to accommodate it. (With a few days to go, they are scrambling to take in inventory and get everything set up, but they have not received anything they can’t handle, or that won’t fit in the A+D space.) What they don’t have room for is star power. The volume and variety of pieces drowns out established egos and assumptions in a celebratory cacophony of playfulness and conversation.

– Emerson Dameron, A+D Press

– Photo Credit: Jesse Paul

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Whoa, great scholarship and reporting by @heyavishay on @kcrw @kcrwdna - come see the show up now!… https://t.co/jOhybNR7Ev