October 13, 2016



It begins with a sharpened pencil, a scrap of paper, and the germ of an idea.

From Julia Cameron to Betty Edwards and well beyond, the most prominent evangelists for creative expression insist upon freehanded writing and drawing as a method for clearing out psychological cobwebs. By more vigorously exercising our hands, we can tap directly into our wellsprings of intuition. Indeed, even in the age of SketchUp and AutoCAD, many architects find that putting pencil to paper unfetters their minds and inspires groundbreaking work, even if the literal ground remains unbroken.

In The Drawing Show, the Architecture + Design Museum of Los Angeles presents drawings by architects. That’s a wide-open description for a wide-open landscape.

These drawings were never necessarily intended for development. These are not necessarily the sort of drawings that architects ever reveal to the outside world at all. This work does not fit easily into any category. It is explorative, it is adventurous, it is all over the place, and it allows those of us who are curious to catch a rare glimpse into a process that is fascinating in its own right, even without a clear throughline to an architectural product.

The Drawing Show is Curated by Dora Epstein Jones and Deborah Garcia, designed by Anna Neimark and Andrew Atwood of First Office, and includes more than 20 confirmed participants bold enough to bare their sketches and their souls. It opens on Friday, October 14th, with a reception beginning at 6:00 PM. Running through January 8, 2007, it includes a curatorial walkthrough on October 21 and many more special events to be announced.

If you are drawn not just to architecture itself but to the minds that bring it into being, The Drawing Show is an exhibition to relish early and often.


– Emerson Dameron, A+D Intern

– Photo Credit: Tchoban Foundation

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Whoa, great scholarship and reporting by @heyavishay on @kcrw @kcrwdna - come see the show up now!… https://t.co/jOhybNR7Ev